Our Designs are unique
      While many graphic designers obtain a B.A. degrees in college, a degree is usually - though not always - considered essential for designing a successful project. With experience, the graphic designer's should be able to demonstrate his/her qualifications through what is called a portofolio, which is the primary method constantly developed throughout a designer's career.

      Because our designers carry a  B.A. degree in Graphic Design from the United States of America in addition to a long term of successful experience, we guarantee that they understand the basics of making a great design and layout and deliver the message in the simplest way possible exactly as an organization demands.

      In terms of skills, our graphic designers are able to work with multiple software programs such as those in Adobe Creative Suite products, and, depending on what media the designer is working in, understand HTML and other programming languages to design websites, and understand the processes involved in printing to be able to produce press-ready artwork.

Logo, Stationary, Brochure, Flyer, Magazine, Journal, Book, Website,  ....etc.
      As an agency, we have selected some of our work to be on the website's portofolio.  You may select below the area you desire to see an example of our designs
Designed by Algazzaz est. advertising
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Designed by:
Hala Gazzaz
Algazzaz est. advertising